The Scanner is a relatively new addition to the Retail side of the program; they were
developed independently after developing the initial Retail builds. 

Right now, the ION Scanner acts as a rapid interface for Retail, as well as a cataloging and price tool for the wider CCG market. 

The ION Retail accounts will have the ability to interface with the Scanner program and your website without additional charges.

The ION Enterprise package gives you both Retail and the full Scanner package and data at a discount on the pair. 

In interacting with the Retail account, you can use this to load product to the account via the "Buylist" tool, aiding in inventory additions as well as conducting purchases from customers, and you can scan cards out quickly, sending the sale up to Retail for completion. 

With the full Scanner data package, you have access to the whole of Quiet Speculation's "Trader Tools" price data, which has pricing information from dozens of sources and most of the major online retailers. 

This is a potent set of tools for being able to rapidly compare market information, construct your own lists of cards move off to other dealers, and generally make snap calls on heavy TCG dealing fast

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