Before starting, you will want to mount your webcam in a stationary manner, approximately 12-24 inches above your work area. If you have multiple webcams, you will either be prompted to select one at startup, or manually specify an override device number in the preferences menu. These numbers are assigned at system boot, or as they are detected by your operating system. Laptop internal cameras are generally given priority (#0), while external cameras are numbered sequentially after that. If you find your computer is slowing down when the camera feed is active, it may be necessary to reduce the scanning resolution and/or frame rate in the camera settings tab of the preferences.

The scanning surface should be a solid color and provide good color contrast with the border of the cards being scanned. White borders will not scan effectively on a white surface, and vice versa for black bordered cards. Direct lighting at the surface should be minimized, as it will cause strong glare which can heavily interfere with card detection.




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