When scanning, there are 4 modes available, which are as follows:

  • Addition Mode: Scanned cards are added to the working inventory. The history view shows the most recently added/modified card at the top. If you have 3 of a card in your working inventory and scan a 4th, the top history entry will read 4. Cards can be subtracted by inputting a negative value in the quantity input box.
  • Subtraction Mode: Scanned cards are subtracted from the working inventory. If you attempt to subtract a card which is not found in the full inventory, a red warning text will appear on the screen. Negative values in the quantity input will ADD a card.
  • Information Mode: When active, no changes will be made to the working inventory while scanning cards.
  • Serial Mode: When active, cards will be appended to the working inventory, and saved to file, in the order in which they are scanned. If you scan a card which already exists in the working inventory, a new entry will be created for this card. Appending a working inventory to file with this mode active will not combine quantities, they will be added to the bottom of the list in the order they appear.
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