• once you export a list from CC (in CSVformat) you can import it into ION. Once you have selected the file you will want to click on the other button to define the format. This will list all the CSV headers, and you have to specify the format (e.g. put %cardname% next to the column that contains card names, %buyprice% next to the buylist price, etc.) When you are done you can save this as a preset, and proceed with the import.
  • When the import is complete, it will list everything that had to get renamed to match, so if you list an edition as just "Ravnica", it may rename it to "Return to Ravnica", so you will have to correct it to "Ravnica: City of Guilds". Once all the editions are mapped correctly you can remap any renamed card names. Even though this pops up, the rest of the import went through correctly, so if there are a few dozen promo cards you can't map it just means when you scan that exact card the price won't show up.
  • When you import a price list it populates a new merchant, called "Local Prices", by default, this merchant takes precedence over all others. What this means is if you scan a card, it will show the prices from all the retailers at the top of the screen, but the summary stat at the bottom (in the colored boxes) will be calculated based on your imported prices alone. So if 5 retailers are buying "Mountain" for $0.05, and you are buying it for $0.04, $0.04 is the value that will go in the lists (even though ION by default shows the greatest buylist price). You can disable this behaviour by going to the prices tab of the preferences and unchecking "prefer local"

If any of that is unclear let us know. If you run into errors importing, feel free to send a copy of the list  to (blake@quietspeculation.com) and he can take a quick look and make sure the import format you are specifying is correct.

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