When your camera is mounted and your camera feed is visible, you are ready to begin scanning cards. Card detection occurs in several discrete steps, which are as follows:

Waiting for a stable frame. If there is continuous motion (or light flicker) in the field of view (FoV), scanning will not begin. Make sure your hands are clear of the frame and the camera is mounted securely. If the frame is not stable, the circle indicator in the video feed will be red. If a stable frame cannot be read, increase the Noise Tolerance in the camera tab of the preferences
Edge detection. If an edge of the card is obscured, or contrast is poor, ION will not be able to proceed with scanning. While it is searching for edges or waiting for card input, the circle indicator will be blue.
Art Matching. Once a card has been detected, the detected boundaries will be drawn in the preview window briefly and the artwork of the card will be isolated and looked up in a database of all known cards. If a suitable card is not found, the indicator will flash yellow. If the card is in sleeves, and the detected edges are actually the outer perimeter of the sleeve, check the 'Dark Sleeves' box to improve classification accuracy. Increasing the Similarity Threshold in the preferences will make it more likely to return a match, but will greatly increase error rates (Default = 6)
Set Estimation. When a matching card is found, if that card appears with the same/similar artwork in multiple sets then ION will return all versions of the card. The list of returned cards will be sorted from best to worst match. The accuracy of this step varies greatly across lighting conditions and between hardware devices. Potential matches with mismatched border colors are moved to the bottom of the list and grayed out - Note that cards with irregular border colors may be sorted in error (7th edition foils have a black border, while their opaque counterparts do not). With 1.0.7, set detection is greatly improved, however these improvements are most noticeable only with higher end camera hardware at resolution of 1024x768 and greater.
To prevent cards from certain sets from being recommended by the set estimation step, remove them from the active sets list via the Scanning menu. Disabled sets will appear grayed out and will only be returned as the top suggestion if no active sets contain the scanned card. To prevent cards from certain sets from being detected altogether, select the "Disable Scanning" radio button from this dialog.

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